I imagine it would be easier to write this introduction sometime later, perhaps somewhere in the middle of time, when there will be a past to reflect on and a future to look forward to. But, as with the forces of the laws of the universe, we find ourselves here, making introductions at the very beginning.

So here we go: Hi! My name is Christine, and some people call me Ci Elle. I recently moved from a sunny place in Southeast Asia to another sunny place in California. While I know in my heart of hearts that I am looking at the same sun, there’s something remarkably different about the way the sun here feels on my skin. Just as the papaya here tastes (surprisingly) different from the papaya I get from home.

If change is the catalyst for the birth of Vermilion Roots, then my spirit of inquiry is the engine that drives it. Here, I write about cooking, food, travel and, if all grows well, the little vegetable garden my husband David and I are starting in our backyard. I consider this a savings account of notable things that populate my new horizons and of nostalgias that demand to be included.

Thanks for reading. I am really happy that you stopped by!