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I specialize in food (isn’t that obvious?), health, fitness, wellness, yoga (certified Alignment-based Hatha Yoga Teacher from Body Temple Yoga), Ayurveda (certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor from Kerala Ayurveda Academy), travel, Southeast Asian culture.

I can help with writing, editing, blogging, social media, newsletters, emails, content planning and management, content calendar, customer service, virtual assistance, mental and emotional support… I like to be helpful.

I have over 15 years of professional experience in the publishing field as an editor and writer with the expertise to get the right content to the right audience. Vermilion Roots serves as my live portfolio. Unless specified, all words and photos are created by me.

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While you’re here, enjoy the food! Here are some of the things you will find on this SAVEUR award-nominated blog:

christine vermilion roots

I shop at the farmers market, I'm subscribed to a CSA farm share, and I volunteer regularly at a local farm. Most of the recipes I share have a strong vegetable focus. There's an ongoing series here called Spring Discovery that puts the spotlight on vegetables I hope we'll cook more with. Occasionally I try to grow something in my yard and the experience is sometimes hilarious.

An extension of my deep love for whole foods is my respect for the ingredients that help me cook them: unusual veggies, spices, herbs, essential condiments, etc. Many of my posts are centered on an ingredient (or two) from which the recipe develops. I like to get into the nitty gritty of understanding them so a lot of these posts are filled with research and how-to's.

It's amazing how the love of food unites us and opens up possibilities. Through this space, I've made connections with food lovers from around the world, cookbook authors, entrepreneurs, and farmers that have all helped me cook better and eat wiser. So you will also find posts about these wonderful people (like this Why I Write About Food interview series) and cookbooks that are important to me.

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