Hi there! I'm Christine, the writer and photographer behind Vermilion Roots. Here, I share my experience as a Southeast Asian eating and cooking in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love to travel and discover cuisines of different cultures, and since moving to a new country I find myself especially drawn to foods from the region I grew up in. As a result, many of the recipes here are Asian, made simple for everyone to recreate easily.

I created this space to connect with food lovers from around the world. It's amazing how the love of food unites us and opens up possibilities. Let me give you a glimpse of what you'll find here:

Seasonal plant-based recipes with an Asian twist
I like to shop at the farmers market, I'm subscribed to a CSA farm share, and I volunteer regularly at a local farm. Oh, I eat a lot of vegetables! My diet is mostly plant-based and I love to cook with fresh, seasonal produce. Given how difficult it can be to source some Southeast Asian ingredients, I'm willing to let practicality replace accuracy, and believe that fusion cooking is necessary, if not inevitable, in seasonal eating.

Conversations with food lovers around the world
I love to talk about food and, thankfully, I've met a lot of people who do too. I host a series of interviews on this website that explores our passion and obsession with what we eat and cook. I hope you'll join in on the conversation too. Food tells stories, let's hear 'em!

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A Lil' About Me
Prior to moving to the US, I spent more than a decade working in magazines, and this website is an extension of my love for words. My approach to food is to be open and generous, and to let my curiosity lead to new discoveries and connections.

My cooking style is informed by my Oriental-Malaysian background and having grown up with a chef dad who ran a Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. It is also influenced by a conscious effort to eat healthy after an IBS diagnosis a few years ago.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I absolutely love taking photos of veggies!


Work With Me
I have over 10 years of professional experience in the publishing field as an editor and writer with the expertise to get the right content to the right audience. I am open to opportunities. If you'd like to hire me, collaborate or just have a chat, email me at vermilionroots@gmail.com or reach me through the Contact Form. 


Let's Connect!