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Breakfast Recipes from Around the World | 

It's 8am somewhere in the world, and someone's having breakfast. Where do you live? And what are you having for your first meal of the day? I'm having homemade soy milk with goji berry granola in California, and thinking about my friends and family waking up to a plate of nasi lemak or roti canai in Malaysia. Some of my food blogger friends from around the world showed me what they like to eat for breakfast, resulting in the inspiring visual feast you see on this post. Check out the recipes on their blogs, and give them a try!

China: Millet Porridge | Recipe by Maggie of Omnivore's Cookbook
"Millet porridge is one of the most important side dishes in Chinese home cooking, and we serve it from breakfast to dinner. We usually cook a handful of millet in a big pot of water, until the millet is tender and the broth creamy. Then we serve it as a simple soup, seasoned with a pinch of sugar, or with a small cold dish, such as pickled vegetables or fermented tofu."

Kaya, a popular Malaysian jam made with coconut milk, eggs, palm sugar and pandan leaves, is enjoyed on toast for breakfast

Malaysia: Kaya Toast Recipe by Christine of Vermilion Roots
"Kaya (coconut egg jam) is an essential ingredient in roti kahwin (which literally translates to “married bread”), two pieces of bread sandwiching a generous spread of kaya and thick slabs of butter. Add to that a couple of half-boiled eggs seasoned with soy sauce and ground white pepper plus a cup of coffee or milk tea (or Milo) and we have the quintessential Malaysian breakfast."

Ukraine: Dumplings (Pierogi/Vareniki) | Recipe by Lily and Dmitriy of Gastro Senses
"It’s hard to imagine any Ukrainian who has never tried these wonderful pierogies a.k.a. vareniki. They can be sweet or savory and come with a variety of fillings: potatoes, sauerkraut, cherries, cottage cheese, blueberries just to name a few." 

India: Dosa | Recipe by Sreelatha of Framed Recipes
"Plain Dosa, Masala Dosa, Uthappam are some of the popular South Indian breakfast dishes that can all be made with the same dosa batter. Well, to make the batter, it does take a little planning and preparation. But once you grind the dosa batter and ferment it, it can be stored in the refrigerator for almost a week."

Iran: Spinach and Eggs (Nargessi) | Recipe by Saghar of Lab Noon
"This Persian spinach and eggs dish is incredibly simple, and yet it’s more than just two eggs with tossed veggies. Mainly thanks to the aromas of garlic and onion and the unmistakable taste of turmeric, merged together with lemon and orange juice that refreshes the palate. In Iran we use only the juice of bitter orange, which is a hybrid between mandarin and another citrus called pomelo."

Latin America: Puff Pastry with Cream Cheese and Guava Paste (Pastelitos de Guava) | Recipe by Analida of Analida's Ethnic Spoon
"The combination of sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy will delight your taste buds and your tummy. You can enjoy pastelitos de guava with a café con leche (espresso with milk) or on their own. They also make a handy last minute dessert to take to a party or an office breakfast."

Indonesia: Tempeh | Recipe by Marvellina of What to Cook Today
"Tempeh is considered a 'street food' in Indonesia. It wasn’t popular outside Indonesia before. It’s sold at the market and considered a very cheap source of protein. Nowadays though, with its popularity as a good source of non-animal protein, the word tempeh is not so alien anymore at the Western hemisphere."

Morocco: Spongy Semolina Pancakes (Baghrir) | Recipe by Rachida of Chef Rachida
"Baghrir is one of the most well known of Moroccan pancakes or crepes; it is also known as pancake with a thousand holes, and are usually made and enjoyed during Ramadan fasting. Baghrir is light and fluffy, soft and spongy, and will definitely pull anyone to have more than one. They're usually served with Moroccan warm honey and butter sauce."

Japan: Grilled Rice Balls (Yaki Onigiri) | Recipe by Shihoko of Chopstick Chronicles
"Onigiri is a classic, staple dish in Japan that most Japanese people pack in their bento boxes or buy from the convenience store. Yaki Onigiri is another type of onigiri that is grilled, which makes it crispy on the outside and so delicious!"

Brazil: Acai Bowl | Recipe by Olivia of Olivia's Cuisine
"Acai, pronounced ‘ah-sah-ee’, is the berry from the acai palm. Acai bowls are very popular as a pre or post-work out meal down in Brazil. The whole trend around this 'superfruit' began with the surfers and expanded to the big cities. My hometown, São Paulo, has a few bars that are exclusively for 'acai'. Hundreds of varieties, with different fruits, different types of granola, with or without Guaraná for even more energy."

Africa: Injera | Recipe by Imma of Immaculate Bites
"Injera is a flat round fermented sourdough bread - bread like no other, with a unique, slightly spongy texture. Always present during mealtime in countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen, Djibouti and Sudan with each country having its own variation."

Hong Kong: Egg Tarts | Recipe by Lokness of The Missing Lokness
"Egg tart is one of Hong Kong's classics. Everyone in Hong Kong loves egg tart. They like to eat it for breakfast, brunch as dim sum or tea time snack. An egg tart is a baked egg custard in a pastry." 

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Now it's your turn: Where are you from? And what do you like to eat for breakfast? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you!