Step by Step: How to Make Rainbow Cauliflower Rice [Video]

We can make cauliflower rice. Or we can make RAINBOW cauliflower rice! All we have to do is use the different varieties of cauliflower. There's the classic white that we're most familiar with. Then there's orange cauliflower, which has a higher content of beta carotene and Vitamin A, and there's the purple kind, which gets its unique hue from the antioxidant anthocyanin. There's also the striking green romanesco with its stunning pine cone shape. Talk about getting your colorful nutrients! No wonder we are encouraged to eat the rainbow. 

Cauliflower is typically available all year round and colored cauliflower enjoys its peak season during the Fall months, which we all know is happening just around the corner. It's already starting to appear in our CSA farm share. Look out for them at the farmers market. 

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Don't get me wrong, I love my rice. It's an integral part of Asian food. We need rice to sop up the mouth-watering sauces in stir-fries and to bulk up herbal soups. But when one needs to go low-carb, I find cauliflower rice to be the best substitute. And a nutritious one too.

The Pineapple Boat Fried Cauliflower Rice I recently shared is one of the most popular recipes on the blog. Knowing how much you love cauliflower rice, here's a little video showing how you can up the game by making rainbow cauliflower rice. It's unbelievably easy and fun. Also included below is a list of recipes that will go well with cauliflower rice. Enjoy!

Rainbow Cauliflower Rice Video

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How to Make Rainbow Cauliflower Rice
Cauliflower rice is an excellent low-carb rice substitute packed with nutrients minus the calories. Use different colored cauliflower for visual impact and enjoy the rainbow goodness! 

You will need: Multi-colored cauliflower and a food processor. 

Wash and dry cauliflower thoroughly. Remove the greens from the cauliflower, cut it into quarters, and cut out the chunky stem in the middle. Then roughly chop the florets into smaller pieces.

Blitz the cauliflower florets in a food processor until they resemble rice. Depending on your recipe, serve it raw, quickly stir-fried to desired tenderness with a little oil or microwaved for a quick minute. 


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