Get The Casual Veggie Cookbook + Help the Lions in Africa

29 veggies, 48 food bloggers, 166 recipes. The Casual Veggie e-Cookbook is out now!
The Casual Veggie Cookbook is a collaboration among 48 food bloggers, including myself. It has 166 vegetable-based recipes, categorised by 29 popular vegetables with practical information such as buying guides, prep and storage tips, and nutrition profiles. At over 400 pages, it's a nifty collection for vegetable lovers. It comes in the versatile PDF format that works great on both computers and handheld electronic devices with user-friendly navigation and easy printability.

I am donating part of the proceeds from sales made through Vermilion Roots to a lion conversation project in Africa. It's called 'Lights for Botswana', and it's based on the brilliant idea that something as simple as a light bulb can help protect lions. The goal is to install motion detection lights in remote Botswana villages to deter lions from wandering into living compounds shared by humans and livestock known as "kraals" or "bomas" and thus preventing the human-lion conflicts that often lead to retaliatory killings.

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With only about 30,000 lions still living in the wild, the plight of the lion population is a dire one, and there's a belief that, at the current rate of decline, lions may be extinct as early as 2020. I can't imagine our world without lions, and I'd like to help keep the future bright for these big cats who share the planet with us. 

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that when you purchase a copy of the book, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to supporting this site. I am pledging to donate part of the proceeds from the sales of The Casual Veggie made through Vermilion Roots to a lion conservation project in Africa known as 'Lights for Botswana'. 

Only applicable for purchases made in 2015. 

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