Why I Write About Food 001: Tina Jui of The Worktop

What better way to kick-off a Q&A series about food than with a food blog that focuses on the first meal of the day! I'm a big breakfast person and The Worktop has been an inspiration for my morning meals. Carramon rolls, anyone? (That's a carrot cake + cinnamon roll hybrid, by the way!)  

Tell us about The Worktop.
The Worktop is a breakfast brunch blog. I share a variety of recipes to help you start your day with a full belly. The recipes range from quick and easy ones for the weekdays, to elaborate dishes you can prepare for brunch on the weekend. I hope The Worktop inspires you to eat breakfast every day. 

Why do you write about food?
I write about food because I love eating it and I can never get enough of it! I can’t have all of you over for brunch at my home (I wish I could!), so I have to resort to sharing my recipes and creations on The Worktop. 

What are you currently reading? 
Currently - this is a bit silly - I’m reading The Phantom Tollbooth! I’m nine-months pregnant, and we are thinking about naming our new baby Milo. Milo is the main character in The Phantom Tollbooth, so I wanted to make sure he was a character that I liked. I never read the book as a kid, so I’m reading it now. 

What is your most indispensable kitchen item?
The thing I reach for the most in my kitchen is my black pepper mill. I have a huge black pepper mill that permanently sits on my worktop. I love hearing the black peppercorns get crushed, seeing the coarse pepper fall gently over the food, and smell the spicy scent linger in the air as I finish a dish. 

What's your favorite recipe on The Worktop?
My favorite recipe on The Worktop is Cotton Candy Coffee! I love coffee, and this recipe is special because I made it on my second wedding anniversary (the “Cotton Anniversary”) to surprise my husband. It’s also beautiful to watch the cotton candy dissolve as you pour the hot coffee over it. 

Question from Christine of Vermilion Roots: Do you think major life events influence our relationship with food? (Click here to read Christine's interview)
Major life events definitely influence our relationship with food. Moving to London [from Los Angeles] has made me change the way I approach food. It’s a walking city, so it’s much more convenient to stop by the local market and pick up food as you need it. We buy fresh produce and fruit more often, but in smaller quantities each time. I’m also always learning about new British foods, like Welsh Rarebit

Right now, as I’m pregnant, I’ve found myself giving a lot more thought into what I eat. While I’ve always loved trying new foods, I now consciously make sure that I eat a variety of foods every day. To prepare ourselves for once the baby is here, I’ve actually cooked and frozen a lot of meals. That’s what we are going to be eating the first few weeks after the baby arrives.  

Visit Tina's website at www.theworktop.com
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